A little About Us

MyCloudwebsolutions - established 13-Sep-2006.
Registered in England and Wales. Registered no: 10089109.

When we entered the industry back in 2006, we first started trading under the name Cloudyshost Internet Services. After 6 years of our business growing we decided to change our name to MyCloudwebsolutions offering more services to our customers.

MyCloud is becoming a very well established hosting company, we are best known for our low prices and excellent support. We do our very best to help our customers as much as possible, you can be sure to get your queries answered very quickly. Most queries are usually answered within 1 hour or quicker (we do say give at least 24hrs). If you have any questions about MyCloud feel free to browse around the website and contact us.

At a time like this, when only the strongest companies survive, choosing the right one is imperative; if you are thinking why you should choose us instead of any other web hosting company please read the following so we can tell you just how reliable we are:

Why should you choose us?
Our prices are among the lowest on the internet, and for the quality of our service you will find its value for money, not only is our service very useful and friendly, but we are a web host you can trust.

We want to make it easy for the customer, most of our packages are yearly payments and we offer many different ways of payment which are Paypal, UK Cheques and UK Postal Orders, so people of all ages may purchase hosting whether they do online banking or not. From time to time we offer monthly special offers which you will see on our home page, so be on the look out for these.

Many hosts only offer support by email, but here at MyCloud we give you many methods of support which are, Phone, Msn Messenger, Live Web-based Support, and of course E-mail. So any of these ways you choose we will always be happy to help you.

Every Hosting package we sell comes with the latest version of cPanel which is feature packed with all the extra add-ons to make building and managing your website as easy as possible, we also have Fantastico Deluxe the best cPanel add-on which makes installing scripts as easy as possible. Our servers are protected by multiple firewalls and other protection to prevent the server from been hacked or accessed by unauthorized users.

If you have anything else you would like us to run over please do tell us.