Fair Usage Policy

As part of our service, you must agree with our Fair Usage Policy.

We operate a fair use policy on all hosting packages.

Through our fair use policy we mean to ensure that one client does not use all the available resources on a given system, thereby degrading the service for other clients who are sharing the same system.

Because we divide systems up between clients primarily based on disk space allocation, the amount of a resource that could reasonably be considered fair use is therefore dictated by the amount of hosting space you have allocated on our systems.

This method of operation also allows us some flexibility and leeway in our monitoring and approach to resource usage.

For clients who persistently go over our fair use limits, or use an excessive amount of disk space in a short period of time and have high volumes of traffic, we will then work with them to ensure they are moved on to the most relevant hosting package for their needs in order to protect resources for our other clients and provide guaranteed resources for the high user.

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